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With Linda S. Anderson, MA, MCC
Master ADHD coach

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My coaching services include:

As an experienced ADHD coach for both adults and students, I know that individuals with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD or ADD) need the support of a knowledgeable and skilled coach. I understand the everyday challenges they have at work, in school, at home and in relationships—and for the need of an experienced coach who “gets it.”

Can you benefit from ADHD coaching?
Ask yourself if you…

  • Get lost, lose things
  • Get stuck or over-focus
  • Procrastinate, lose track of time, have memory problems
  • Worry excessively, get over-stimulated, have a learning disability, have a strong nagging inner critic, try to do things perfectly or not at all
  • Avoid paperwork, billing, reports, etc.
  • Make impulsive or compulsive decisions
  • Often stay late at work to get the job done
  • Have a high IQ and creativity and yet under-achieve
  • Have a respectable career, yet do not feel successful?

If your answer is yes,
you can benefit from ADHD coaching.

As a Getting Clear client, you’ll have access to my years of wisdom and shared experiences in helping individuals with ADHD.

What Will We Accomplish Together?

Getting Clear coaching can help you turn challenge into accomplishment. Together, we will help identify your strengths and personalize useful tools, strategies and resources. You’ll be able to transform negative patterns of thinking and acting–giving yourself permission to put yourself at the top of the list.

What’s the Next Step in Getting Help?

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